FGB Index Amazon Search Rank Analysis: Most Searched, Highest Climbers & Biggest Fallers Over Past Month


In this piece, we analyse data from the FGB Index to dive deeper into the Amazon search rankings of some of the world’s fastest growing brands. Our Amazon search rank is calculated from the search query volume of a brand name on Amazon, with 1 representing the most searched-for term. Here we take a look at the most searched companies on our Index, as well as the biggest risers and fallers. 

FGB Index’s most searched brands on Amazon

Of the some 1000 brands on our FGB Index, the ones with the highest Amazon search ranking as of 13th June are: 

Skinny Tan: a self-tan business (if the name didn’t give that one away)

Buffy: makers of comforters

Flamingo: sellers of women’s care products including hair removal and ingrown spots

Skinny Tan takes the title of FGB’s most searched brand on Amazon. The fake tan company was the 900th most searched for term on Amazon as of 13th June, which considering the stupendous amount of brands selling, and permutations of search terms on the platform, is some achievement. When we consider the situation shoppers are left in at the moment (cooped up inside, resorting to fleeting park visits to see equally pasty friends, while their best-laid holiday plans collapse around them), it makes sense that Skinny Tan should be seeing this level of popularity at present. Similarly, with people spending more time at home (lamenting their cancelled holidays and wearing their fake tan), they are more likely to turn to brands such as Buffy, as they look to invest in making their home life as comfortable as possible. 

The anomaly in our most searched brands is car insurance provider Marshmallow, which is the 4,268th most searched for term on Amazon, despite not having a presence on the platform. It is almost certain here that customers would be looking for other products (such as confectionery gift box Marsh & Mallow, or actual marshmallows), so we will focus on the fourth most searched brand – women’s care brand Flamingo. With shoppers trying to socially distance, care products (as well as a raft of other other categories) will be ordered to homes, and with Amazon the most popular place for starting product searches on the internet, Flamingo’s high ranking makes sense. Personal care is also already a growth category for e-commerce, with brands like Harry’s and Billie leading the way, so Flamingo is riding the wave of this trend.

FGB Index’s biggest climbers

Over the period 16th May – 13th June, there were some brands that saw notable rises in their Amazon search ranking. Those which saw the largest percentage rises were: 

Tony’s Chocolonely: a chocolate company closely following fair trade practices, opposing slavery and child labour

Lovehoney: makers of an impressive range of sex toys and erotic gifts

Cora: manufacturers of organic tampons

Tony’s saw the biggest rise in Amazon search rank, with an improvement of 80% to 52464. While there is no real evidence of ad campaigns from Tony’s, they have risen in prominence during lockdown. This could in part be due to praise from one of the hosts of the ‘Off the Menu’ podcasts on an episode from early May. While no public listening figures are available, this podcast frequently appears on Apple Podcasts’ top 10 list, and this kind of organic promotion can be very successful for a brand. 

Cora, who saw a search rank rise of 64%, are a natural big mover over lockdown, with tampons one of the products that people stockpiled from supermarkets, meaning people were forced to look for alternative tampon brands. What’s more, with people looking to purchase from socially responsible brands more regularly, Cora, which aims to provide pads and health education to women in need, has seen popularity soar. 

Lovehoney’s rise (79%), on the other hand, is likely to be linked to ongoing lockdowns across the UK. The main drivers of this rise will be single people and those living apart from their partners, who turn to Lovehoney as the time spent away from significant others continues to drag on. 

FGB Index’s biggest fallers

The brands seeing the largest falls in Amazon search over the period 16th May – 13th June were: 

Whoop: wearable tech offering analytics around performance and recovery during exercise (174% search rank fall)

Summer Fridays: a luxury skin care brand (133% fall)

Away: a leading travel luggage business (69% fall) 

While some may be exercising more, Whoop operates a monthly subscription business, which some customers may feel is an unnecessary expense for the time being. That said, Whoop doesn’t actually have a sales presence on Amazon, so a search ranking fall may not be a sign of wider struggles during Covid. 

Summer Fridays, on the other hand, does have a presence on Amazon, but again may be suffering from a tightening on consumer budgets. For example, one of their best-sellers, the Jet Lag Mask, costs USD$58.50 on Amazon. What’s more, this product will have taken a hit, as customers that were frequent flyers, looking to revitalise their skin, will have less need of products such as the Jet Lag Mask.

As more people are spending more time indoors, and are perhaps spending less money on their beauty regime. Meanwhile Away is suffering in-line with the rest of the travel industry, as purchasing gear for holidaying (and holidaying itself) slips down the priority list.

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