FGB Growth Analysis: R-Pur Nano's Huge Traffic Growth; Wedding Dresses Making a Comeback


FastGrowthBrands monthly growth analysis takes an in-depth look at the brands on the FGB Index which have seen the biggest surges in traffic over the past month. In this edition: R-Pur Nano sees huge traffic growth; Wedding dresses making a comeback; the businesses replacing restaurants and bars; and customers beautifying home offices. 

We’ll begin with a company that has seen startling (if unsurprising) growth since April. French business R-Pur Nano is a maker of anti-pollution masks, and has seen their web traffic rise a whopping 828% from April – June 2020. Obviously face masks are experiencing unprecedented demand at the moment, but R-Pur’s connected mask, designed for commuters riding scooters, targets a wealthier consumer than those buying disposable masks, at USD$200 a pop. 

Demand for R-Pur has evolved since April, when the business’ top three markets were France, America and Italy. However, booms in demand on a global scale caused by people searching the web for masks to protect from Covid, have distorted R-Pur’s top markets, which as of June 2020 had changed to Denmark, the UK and Belgium. This trend has also seen R-Pur’s traffic percentage from search rise from 62% to 70%. All of this despite the fact that the company has sold out of masks, and will not be able to re-stock until September. 

Wedding dresses making a comeback

With the fashion category encompassing so many businesses, companies in this sector will be experiencing a huge variety of fortunes. For example, those producing clothes for professionals, such as T.M. Lewin, have run into serious problems. On the other hand, businesses with localised supply chains, that sell largely via e-commerce, or that focus on comfortable leisure wear (the new office wear), will continue to prosper. Two brands from the FGB Index that have seen a surge in popularity are Anomalie and Lively.

American custom wedding dress designer Anomalie will have had a tough time of things since the outbreak of Coronavirus, with weddings being cancelled all over the place. However, as lockdown rules ease and weddings begin again, Anomalie has seen customers return to its site, with traffic up 2596% in June compared to April. The boost is largely seen in search traffic, which accounted for 79% of visits, compared to 45% in April. 

Bra business Lively is another that has seen impressive traffic growth, up 688% from April to June. One of a number of businesses attempting to revolutionise the bra industry, Lively is aiming to create products that blend lines of lingerie, active, and swimwear. With more time at home, it seems women are willing to spend on a product that they wear regularly, and that will give them the comfort their current bra brand doesn’t offer. Interestingly, while the company is based in the US, America no longer appears as one of its biggest markets (it was top in April). Instead, it has been replaced by Brazil, Canada, Colombia and Portugal. Mail has been a key driver of this growth, representing 21% in June, up from just 2% in April. However, search is still the biggest channel, making up 38% of traffic. 

Replacing restaurants and bars

The way people eat and drink has changed dramatically since the outbreak. While restaurants and bars continue to struggle despite easing in lockdown measures, online shopping has enabled home cooks to prosper. 

One of the beneficiaries of this has been American cookware brand Made In, who have seen traffic increase 492% between April and June 2020. Driving this trend are accomplished cooks and novices alike, looking to get the gear to see them through an indefinite period of home-cooked meals. While search is still the biggest source of traffic for Made In (52%), social and email campaigns have also driven traffic for the company in June, when compared to April. 

If Made In is helping replace people’s trips to restaurants, drinks business Drizly is filling in for their trips to pubs and bars. Even with bars re-opening, Drizly (effectively an online liquor store), has seen traffic jump 171% between April and June. With Covid cases continuing to soar, especially in Drizly’s home market of America, this shows that customers aren’t ready for a full-blown return to bars just yet. 

Beautifying the home office

As time spent at home increases, we are seeing bumps in traffic for products which will make home life a little more enjoyable. British plant business Bloombox saw traffic soar 617% as people look to decorate their homes with more greenery. Within this, search traffic was up to 65% of total traffic in June, compared to 41% in April. Meanwhile social, which accounted for 28% in April, dropped to 4% of total traffic in June. 

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