UK’s Biggest Speciality Coffee Company Pact Appoints Creature

Pact, the UK’s biggest coffee subscription service, has appointed Creature to take the brand on to television for the first time. Creature will help Pact cement its reputation as the leading place to get fresh coffee delivered to your door, and support them in a drive to reach new customers.
Dan Cullen-Shute, CEO of Creature said: “We’ve been Pact customers for years, and in that time they’ve got us through a ton of long nights in the office – we couldn’t be more chuffed to be taking our turn to help them on the next stage in their journey. Plus Stu and Gibbo can finally justify all that banging on about coffee as ‘actual work’.”
Ted Charalambides, Pact’s head of e-commerce, added: “Creature just got it. Their clear and focused strategic and creative approach, ability to move swiftly, and clear love for the brand meant they were the perfect partners for a hugely exciting moment for us. We can’t wait to get cracking.”
FastGrowthBrands spoke to Ted Charalambides in February of this year on the FGB Podcast. On the episode, we went into detail about the brand’s recent re-brand, and the challenges to launching their new site.
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