Record Year for Emma: Sales Up 86% to €150m in 2019


After reporting €80.5m in revenue the previous year, Emma – The Sleep Company achieved a turnover of €150m in 2019. This is an increase of 86%, which startups rarely achieve in their sixth financial year. The two founders have achieved this noteworthy success while accepting only €5m of funding. 

“From the very beginning, we have set the course to be able to scale our business model quickly, first across Europe and then globally. Emma is now online in 21 countries and in 2019 we generated a large share of our sales outside our home market,” says Manuel Müller, founder and CEO of Emma – The Sleep Company alongside Dr. Dennis Schmoltzi. “The fact that 2019 became such a record year for us is also due to our entrepreneurial freedom of choice. We can simply act very agile and often secure opportunities immediately.” 

In order to take advantage of all promising opportunities and implement them quickly, the team has grown from just under 200 to more than 300 people in the past year. About 100 team members from the Frankfurt based headquarter are dedicated towards work in the various country teams. They ensure that the quality and individual needs of each market are met and that the Direct-to-Consumer brand Emma Mattress continues expanding internationally. “The whole team has done an excellent job. 2019 was already the second full fiscal year in which we have grown profitably from cash flow,” Schmoltzi concluded. For the continued development of the company attracting new talent is a top priority. Currently 100 more positions are advertised. 

Outlook 2020 

Investments continue to be made in Emma’s Research and Development division, whose products have been awarded several times throughout Europe: the product development laboratory will be expanded and innovations from the sleep tech sector will be presented in the first half of the year. For 2020, the company plans increasing sales by €50m, to almost €200m.

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