Combining Plant-Based Supplements with Sleep Tracking Tech: Q&A with Remrise


In this Q&A DTC Daily speaks to Veronica Lee, founder of Remrise, a business combining personalised plant-based supplements and a digital app offering sleep tracking and meditation content. Veronica outlines how customer data is driving personalisation, and where their focus lies within marketing and communications. 

DTC Daily: Can you explain Remrise to us? 

Veronica Lee: Remrise is a holistic sleep solution that helps people achieve quality sleep. We combine the best of the East and the West to offer rotational, personalised, plant-based formulas, combined with a dynamic suite of tools, including sleep tracking and meditation to achieve restorative rest and balance.

How are you making the most of your customer data to ensure you deliver personalised experiences?

Because sleep is personal, and different for everyone, we’re helping to build a personalised routine for our customers through tailored formulations and understanding your habits and preferences to help you establish your personalised routine over time. Remrise starts the personalised experience with our quiz which captures unique customer data that informs us of the type of formulas we recommend to customers. We also facilitate a feedback loop where data is captured and analysed by experts, then used to make the product more personalised. The Remrise app offers daily questions about the user’s lifestyle to help get to know them and make more personalised recommendations through ongoing use.

Why did you decide to sell your products directly to the consumer?

We are building a relationship with each individual and believe that the best solution is an increasingly personalised one. Understanding data and insights on our customers to the continuous evaluation of the best products, services, and routines is crucial in our DTC approach. The relationship is one where we want the customer to feel supported and empowered by us. We want to glean insights, help create the best-personalised solution, and be an advocate to the customer for improving their sleep

How have you spread the word via marketing/comms so far? What methods have been most effective? 

For most people, natural sleep aids are a novel concept, so education on the category is essential. There is a surplus of natural products in the market, however, we’re honing in on the personalisation and effective results of our product and carrying that through in our marketing tactics. We’re building brand awareness through our social channels, PR, and experimenting with influencer marketing. We use our website content, email marketing, and app as educational tactics. Friends and family, as early customers, have been a great tool in recommending the product and spreading the word of mouth.

What does the future hold for Remrise

We want to empower every individual who wants to improve their sleep. There is no one-size-fits-all fix for sleep problems, so our solution helps people develop a healthy sleep practice through personalised, natural aids and behaviour change.