Knox Raises to Help People Become Landlords; Callaly and The Design Bridge Partner Up


DTC’s Daily Digest brings you the latest news on the world’s fastest growing direct-to-consumer and challenger brands. In today’s edition: Knox raises to help people become landlords; Callaly and The Design Bridge partner up; and Habito escapes ban for Mortgage Kama Sutra. 

Knox raises to help people become landlords

Knox Financial, which helps people become landlords by managing and identifying residential rentals with an algorithm-based platform, has raised USD$3m.

The investment brings Knox’s total raised since its inception in 2018 to USD$4.4m. The company closed on a USD$1.4m pre-seed round in January 2019, mostly from angel investors.

Knox says it offers homeowners who are ready to move “a completely hands-off way” of converting a home they’re moving out of into an investment property. It also claims to help landlords more easily and efficiently manage their rentals.

The company has built a service that automates many aspects of generating passive income through rental properties. It also has developed a rental pricing and projection model for calculating the investment rate of return a property will produce over time.

A homeowner who is ready to move, or a landlord who already owns rentals, can put their property into the Knox program. Knox then works to turn those properties into “hands-off” investments. Via automation, the Knox platform manages all aspects of the process including financing, accounting, tax, legal, insurance, property maintenance, tenant sourcing and communication.

Callaly and The Design Bridge partner up

Femcare challenger brand Callaly have partnered with The Design Bridge to develop their brand experience.


Design Bridge have collaborated with Callaly to transform it from its previous focus on a single product, the tampliner (an innovative 2-in-1 tampon and liner combined), to a personalised brand experience that delivers a full range of customisable organic cotton period products, tailored to individual women’s needs.

The two companies are now working together to work on areas such as sustainable packaging, consulting on the website’s look and feel, art directing photoshoots for their social media and creating a suite of animated icons to further bring the brand to life online.

Callaly’s new boxes are made from FSC recyclable cardboard, and the wrappers for the individual products inside are all either compostable or biodegradable. This new flexible system has been designed with the future in mind, set up so that the currently hand-packed boxes can be filled through an automated line production method as the brand grows.

Habito escapes ban for Mortgage Kama Sutra

Mortgage broker Habito has dodged an ASA ad ban after its ‘Mortgage Kama Sutra’ put some Grazia readers in an uncomfortable position.


The tongue-in-cheek magazine ad equated difficulties in procuring a mortgage with poor sex life, graphically illustrating the point with suggestive sexual imagery captioned as the ‘Downpayment Doggy’, ‘the Standing Variable Rate’, ‘Prime 69’ and ‘The Base-rate Scissor’.

This approach drew two complaints from readers who asserted that the overtly sexual approach was ‘offensive and irresponsible’ – but these concerns have now been dismissed.

Explaining the decision not to uphold the complaint, the ASA wrote: “The ad appeared in a lifestyle magazine targeted at an adult audience and that it sought to draw attention to Habito’s mortgage services in a novel way by informing readers that the libido of one in ten couples was affected by the mortgage process. While we acknowledged that some would find the artistic illustrations of sexual positions and accompanying descriptions distasteful, they were not explicit and we considered that most readers were likely to view the ad as a humorous play on the results of the survey.

“Consequently, we concluded that the ad was unlikely to cause serious or widespread offence to those who saw it and was not irresponsible.”

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