Dandy Launches New DTC Pet Wellness Brand

Dandy launches

Dynamic DTC pet wellness brand Dandy is launching today (6 November), to make it easier than ever before to take care of your pet’s health. Starting with supplements, the brand will launch using machine learning to establish unique pet and pet parent profiles to create fully customised recommendations that match you and your dog’s unique needs.

So how does it work?

Pet owners take a dynamic online quiz on the easy-to-use platform asking a range of questions from the breed, type of dog food their pets eat daily to where their pets were born. Dandy is then able to analyse a massive library of medical, environmental and behavioural data sets to create the best possible supplement selections for your pet (total of 32,000+ supplement packs possible!).

The American Pets Product Association estimates that in 2019 we will spend over USD$75.38bn on pet-related expenses, compared to last year’s USD$72.56bn, with USD$17bn of that being pet health and supplements. Every dog is different, yet there are no personalised solutions for your pet on the market.

Dogs will ingest the supplements via treats, which are sent in monthly packs. As pet parents input additional information, the supplement recommendations will evolve. The cost ranges from USD$40 a month for a small-to-medium dog to USD$50 a month for larger dogs (free shipping).

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